news from the projects

The impact of Child Aid is most welcome; the project improves living conditions in the communities and assists children in difficult situations. We have seen changes in many communities, with the babies, children, youth, parents and community leaders. People have seen and experienced for themselves that the project delivers tools with which they learn to take steps and complete tasks, all important, on their own. This gives them a great deal of hope and optimism. It renews the ability of each person of succeeding in solving issues to do with their own lives and as a community together.

The children and youth are happy that Child Aid has arrived in their communities, because they now work on activities that directly improve the well-being of their families, communities and their personal lives. Children and youth have more friends now and they see that they are being appreciated for who they are and of what they do. They are proudly participating in cleaning actions in their communities and door-to-door campaigns that deliver important information.

Many women's groups have been formed and are meeting on a regular basis. Some fundraise for activities, while others are getting trained in useful skills that can improve their income. Like the children and the youth these women's groups are a great positive force to improve the livelihood in the communities.

In conclusion, I can say that this has been a wonderful year, one in which we in HUMANA People to People Belize have taken the great progress of the project personally.


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