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The first years of a child's life have a huge influence on the adult who the child will become. HUMANA People to People Belize is aware of the fact that a growing child's brain is developing learning many of the new things during this period 0-8 years. It is during this period which makes it crucial to get children to participate in early childhood education preparing them for primary schooling.

Belize is a multi-cultural and multi-linguistic country in which Spanish or local languages (such as Mopan Maya or Kekchi) are the first or only language for many, while English is the language used in schools. A total of 14% of children do not receive passing grades in their first primary school class, and this is due mostly to language barriers.

The Child Aid program mobilizes families to enroll their children in pre-school and to work together with the pre-schools in various activities. The program mobilizes for pre-school enrollment and work together with the pre-schools in various activities such as rehabilitation of buildings and construction of playgrounds. The project encourages families to use the Government pre-schools where that are possible. This gives the children a chance to learn English and it stimulate the children and their learning potential. Every year the project staff walks door to door in the communities to promote the advantage with pre-schools.

The yearly 'Humana summer program' is an established tradition that many community members and children look forward to. The program is designed by the youth in cooperation with the project staff and volunteer teachers. It contains basic training from sitting quietly on a chair putting attention to a teacher, to drawing, learning the alphabet and the numbers, playing in team, body motions among others.

In 2015, nearly 2,000 children participated in the summer program, which was organized and hosted by 46 youth in close corporation. Local businesses each time donate materials for the summer program clubs.



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