news from the projects

The project has played a big role in mobilizing people in the communities, and the notion of taking the project into their own hands is becoming more real, as many people have started to take action individually and as a community.

Now, when the project constructs firewood saving stoves with selected families, neighboring families see the benefits and construct their own stoves. Or when families start to produce vegetables in their individual gardens, neighbors come and ask for their advice and support. We are also beginning to see an improvement regarding sanitation issues in many of the communities. These changes are all to the benefit of the children and to the communities themselves.

Youth have played a big role in the communities development and youth groups have taken action in many parts of the project: cleaning campaigns, HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns, and summer programs for preschool children, just to mention a few.

Child Aid Toledo has a good relationship with other organizations and government departments based in Toledo District. This has allowed many Child Aid families to start small income generating projects or to receive training in important topics. This clearly demonstrates that the Child Aid "project council" is skilled in channeling possibilities, small projects, and knowledge from a partner to people who needs them.

The people can celebrate its achievement of many day-to-day improvements.


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