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20160129 090235Throughout the project area groups of women, youth, farmers or other compositions are formed – all with the objective to improve the lives of the members and their community one way or the other. This also counts for San Miguel where a mixed group of women, men and youth has been working with Humana for some years. As their group name conveys 'Junajil K'anjel' (working together), an association has been formed with the objectives of providing means to attain sustainable livelihoods in the village of San Miguel, Toledo. Unemployment is high amongst all with youth and women being most at risk. The vehicles for providing the objective until now have been small livestock rearing and crop projects but the group is now confident that it can undertake a larger project involving the production of corn and raising of higher numbers of pigs on a continuous and commercial basis. Together with Humana the San Miguel group therefore applied for funding via Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology (BEST) for an income generating project. The project was approved and implementation started in July 2015. The organization and hard work of 'Junajil K'anjel' (working together) group is on the right track. With this project many areas will be tackled, such as:

·provide jobs to more families in the community, especially the youths during the weekend and off times;

·build cooperation within group members, the village and communities;

·develop management skills in governance, operations, facilities, finance and accounting;

·demonstrate and learn profitable sustainable ways of pig rearing;

·acquire training in pig production, animal nutrition, feed formulation and processing;

·supply the surrounding communities, local and regional markets with high quality pork.

The Junajil K'anjel Group seeks to achieve the goals of sustainable livelihoods for its members. The objectives will be achieved through a pig production and fattening regime that will use purchased commercial feed at start up to be followed by feed preparation using corn that is grown by JKG and the local farmers.


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