Child Aid and Community Development Project

The Child Aid and Community Development programs operate around two cornerstones. One cornerstone is the experience that when people come together to seek better solutions and options, they find them. The other cornerstone is the experience that a holistic approach involving many simultaneous activities is needed to create lasting solutions. This approach is also needed to overcome underdevelopment and the tremendous deprivation faced by so many children.

About 3.000 families are involved within a Child Aid project. In Child Aid, people organize themselves in Village Action Groups or other community structures. These provide a forum to hold discussions, to plan common tasks that are needed, to identify problems, to learn about issues, and to find and implement solutions together.


Both Child Aid and the Community Development Project operate within 10 lines of activities. These activities work to improve food security, promote good health, solve basic problems with water and sanitation, create better educational conditions, and organize systems to care for the sick or for children in difficult situations. The interaction and communication between the people and the program create change.

Over time, it becomes evident that actions make a difference. The spirit of the community evolves and as a result, more actions are taken.

The 10 lines of activities in Child Aid Toledo and Community Development:

  • Line 1: Improve the Economy of the Families
  • Line 2: Health and Hygiene
  • Line 3: Preschools
  • Line 4: Children as active in the political, social and economic sphere of the society
  • Line 5: Children in difficult situation
  • Line 6: Education
  • Line 7: District Development
  • Line 8: Environment
  • Line 9: Culture and Communication
  • Line 10: Farmers' Clubs

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