SecondHand Clothes Project

The primary idea of the project is to earn a surplus from the sale of secondhand clothes and shoes. This surplus in turn creates development through financial support to the Child Aid development project in Belize.

There are, however, other important benefits derived from the sale of secondhand clothes. The HUMANA Shops provide good clothes and shoes at affordable prices. This makes it possible for less fortunate people to dress with dignity. The HUMANA shops also create opportunities for individuals to start an income generating activity through the wholesale of secondhand clothes. The wholesale customers also create additional economical activities: they pay to have a license to sell, or to transport the clothes from a store to their home or to a market, for example.


Through the shops, awareness about global warming, climate change, and the positive impacts that recycling has on the environment is spread. The staff at the shops also distributes trees to customers to raise awareness about the importance of tree planting. The shops give people the possibility to support the HUMANA People to People Belize projects, which benefit the families involved in the Child Aid project.

HUMANA People to People Belize have three retail shops and two wholesale outlets in operation. The shops are located in Santa Cruz, Mango Creek and Bella Vista, while the wholesale outlets are located in Belmopan and Savannah. The shops have become an integrated part of the respective communities and have thousands of returning customers both for retail and wholesale. The shops have an average of 2.500 retail customers per month.


The shops sell around 85% of the clothes introduced in a 4-week cycle. The remaining clothes are donated to the Child Aid project, which organizes women's groups for business training. These groups use this clothing to start income generating activities. The clothes may also be used in sewing classes where participants learn to transform them into valuable or attractive pieces.

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