Humana Belize

HUMANA People to People Belize's mission is to create development through the establishment and implementation of projects that transfer knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities that need assistance to break free from poverty and dehumanizing conditions. HUMANA People to People Belize work with the people as partners to find solutions and to create the necessary conditions to improve their living standards.
All our efforts through community activities be it rural community development are contributing to the eradication of poverty, the control of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the provision of education and healthcare for all, and the ability of people to decide their own destinies.
HUMANA People to People Belize is currently implementing its Child Aid project in 35 communities in Toledo. In total, more than 3,000 families are somehow involved with these projects.


Our second hand clothing sales form part of environment protection and economic trade support. We believe it is healthy and sustainable for a humanitarian not-for-profit organization such as HUMANA People to People Belize to create a portion of its own funds through income generating activities. The surplus generated goes to fund the development projects.
HUMANA People to People Belize was registered as a non-profit organization under the laws of Belize in 2007. It is one of the 32 members of The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement.

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