Humana People to People Federation

Humana-logoHUMANA People to People Belize is a member of The Federation of Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement which is International Humana People to People Movement, also known as Humana People to People.

HUMANA People to People is an international membership organization, which at present is comprised of 32 national associations working in 42 countries on five continents. The members are non-profit organizations, which are working in the field of international development and cooperation. Humana People to People members presently operate 840 developmental projects reaching 13.5 million
people on a yearly basis. Furthermore, approximately 15 million people are reached annually through the secondhand clothes sales and distribution system. About 200.000 volunteers take part in the implementation of our development programs across the globe every year.

The organization works within the areas of basic health, HIV/AIDS, education, agriculture, environment, relief aid and community development.

HUMANA People to People Belize gains strength from its membership in the Federation Humana People to People. From its headquarters in Zimbabwe the core activity of the Federation is to provide the member associations with services and actions that will help them to achieve their objectives.

To learn more about the development projects operated by HUMANA People to People, please visit:

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