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Humana People to People Belize (HPP Belize) is employing a total of 27 persons of which 15 are working with fundraising either through partnership or through the sale of 2nd hand clothes and the rest, being 12, working in the communities with Child Aid and Farmers Clubs - mobilizing families and farmers and spearheading the many activities shoulder to shoulder with the people in the communities. The project staff sees themselves as activist who through positive attitude and together with the people find and implement solutions one step at a time to make improvements.


Meet Cindy Rodesno

Meet Cindy Rodesno, Content Material and Grant Administration

My name is Cindy Rodezno, I have lived in Bella Vista Village in Toledo District for the past 17 years. I attended high school and college in…
Meet Pantaleon Escobar

Meet Pantaleon Escobar, Project Leader in Child Aid Toledo

My name is Pantaleon Escobar. I’m originally from Honduras but moved to Belize in 2000. I was one of the pioneers who got the honor of starting up…
Meet Regina Hun

Meet Regina Hun, Project Leader in Child Aid Toledo

“My name is Regina Hun. I’m from Blue Creek, which is a small village in the southern part of Belize.In 2008 I met Humana People to People Belize…


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