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HPPBZ’s projects align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and national strategies and plans. Additionally, they address one or more of the priorities defined in it's Strategic Plan.


Social & economic inclusion

Promotes the social and economic inclusion of vulnerable populations by raising awareness of human rights, supporting income-generating activities, and enhancing literacy levels and English-as-a-second language proficiency.



Advocates about health to the general public by increasing knowledge about infectious and noncommunicable diseases, addictive behaviours, malnutrition, reproductive health, and hygiene while advancing access to food security and sanitation.

Sustainable agriculture & environment

Increases agricultural productivity and income of subsistence farmers and small-scale farmers by utilizing climate-smart and environmentally friendly practices and infrastructure.

Disaster risk reduction & disaster management

Supports underserved communities to reduce risks and better respond to disasters by providing basic training, equipment, supplies, and infrastructure while increasing awareness and adaptation to climate change.

Social entrepreneurship

Helps increase the income of micro-entrepreneurs and raise funds for HPPBZ’s community development actions by implementing social business projects and promoting sustainable production and consumption practices.

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