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Phase 2

Establishment of plastic collection systems in 10 communities of  in Belize while raising awareness about COVID-19

Phase's purpose

To help reduce plastic waste in residential and natural areas of Belmopan and its surroundings while enhancing knowledge and awareness about environmental sustainability and COVID-19 prevention at the local and national levels.

Main achievements

  • 18 waste collection bins were installed at key areas (schools, health centers, parks, etc.) to facilitate plastic collection in each participating village.

  • 8 youth groups were created and trained about environmental sustainability (the harms of pollution, plastic alternatives, and plastic transformation) and COVID-19 vaccination and prevention so they could raise awareness and mobilize their communities.

  • 500 students participated in collection, trainings, and cleaning campaigns.

Participating communities

Belmopan, Armenia, Camalote, Cotton Tree, Ontario, Roaring Creek, Teakettle, Unitedville, Santa Cruz, and Bella Vista (10)


March 2022 to November 2022

Supported by

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