Project: Expansion and Enhancement of Girls’ and Mothers’ Clubs

Project Overview

The project will improve the health and wellbeing of 80 vulnerable females and their families living  in 4 communities in southern Belize:

  • Stann Creek District  - Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Roman 
  • Toledo District - Bella Vista

The project will enhance and scale up 2017 to 2018 Australian Aid's supported project, Girls’ and Mothers’ Clubs – Health and Nutrition, by expanding it's geographic reach (see in map) and further developing it's implementation methodology.

Highlights and Updates

Key activities and deliverables

The project will work directly with 5 women and 5 girls’ groups in education sessions and practical actions related to food security, health and community improvement.


In total, the 10 groups will:

  • Participate in 250  theoretical lessons, 40 cooking demonstrations and 10 cleaning and tree planting campaigns.
  • Construct and manage 5 greenhouses, 5 chicken coops and 5 pig pens.
  • Build 5 firewood saving stoves.
  • Expand their homegardens with fruit trees and vegetables.

Additionally, nutrition and food security will be promoted via radio interviews, social media posts, and community events. 


During project implementation, HPPB will collaborate with:

  • Representatives from Village and Alcalde Councils
  • Extension officers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development (MOAFFESD) and the Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education (schools in the area)


Time Frame

Start: December 2018

End: November 2020

Duration: 24 months

This project co-funded by

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