Project: Expansion and Enhancement of Girls’ and Mothers’ Clubs

Project Status: Finished in 2020


The project helped improve the health and well-being of 145 females (75 girls, ages 10 to 17, and 70 adult females) and 568 relatives.

Video of project results and achievements.

The project was implemented in 4 villages in southern Belize:

Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Roman, and Bella Vista

Key activities and deliverables

Five women and five girls’ clubs participated in several health, food security, and community improvement actions for two years.



Together, the ten groups:

  • Completed 250  theoretical lessons, 40 cooking demonstrations, and 10 cleaning and tree planting campaigns.
  • Planted 720 trees.
  • Built and managed 5 greenhouses, 5 chicken coops and 5 pig pens.
  • Expanded their home-gardens with fruit trees and vegetables.
  • Built 12 firewood-saving stoves.

65,457 people were reached on social media with messages about nutrition, food security, project updates, and other topics.



During project implementation, HPPBZ collaborated with:

  • Representatives from Village Councils
  • Officers from the Ministry of Health and community health workers
  • Ministry of Education (schools in the area)
  • Volunteers from Richmond Vale Academy and the Peace Crops

Time Frame

Start: November 2018

End: November 2020

Duration: 24 months

This project was co-funded by