Project: Promoting Accountability and Good Governance of Youth Development Programmes

 through Civil Society Organization Engagement in Belize (PAGE)

Project Overview

The project will contribute towards the effective participation of Civil Society Organizations as governance actors in youth development in southern Belize.


175+ youths, 14 to 35 years of age, and their relatives (approximately 230 people) will benefit directly from  increased civic participation of young people and the strengthened community networks  and social equity resulting from the project.


Participating communities (10): 

  • Stann Creek district  -  Cowpen, Georgetown, Independence, Red Bank, San Juan, San Roman, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa.
  • Toledo district - Bella Vista, Trio.

Highlights and Updates


Strengthen the institutional and organisational capacity of CSOs and CBOs to deliver relevant and inclusive social services in Stann Creek and Toledo Districts.

* Civil Society Organization (CSOs) /  Community Based Organizations (CBOs) represented by Youth Associations 

Key activities and deliverables

To increase participation and integration of youth in decision making processes at the community level, the project will:

  • Establish Youth Clubs in 2 high schools in Toledo District.
  • Identify and organize 100 youth to spearhead Youth Associations. 
  • Carry out community outreach actions led and designed by youth.
  • Train school staff and youth on youth leadership topics. 
  • Produce and distribute information, education and communication materials - on youth empowerment - at the community level.
  • Among other actions.


To enhance cooperation between local authorities and CSO during delivery and monitoring of youth-sensitive programmes, the project will:

  • Train 15 youth ambassadors as Training of Trainers and support staff as facilitators; youth ambassadors will train Youth Associations.
  • Support the legal registration of 10 Youth Associations.
  • Develop a training manual for implementation and monitoring of youth-sensitive programs, among others.


To enhance the capacity of youth service providers - at the district-level - to lead multi-agency coordination and improve knowledge management, the project will:

  • Implement a participatory mapping to assess the availability, accessibility and impact of current youth services programmes.
  • Develop multi-sectoral annual work plans and management information systems with the Department of Youth Services (DYS) and the Department of Human Development (DHD) in Toledo and Stann Creek Districts.
  • Facilitate SWOT analysis among Youth Associations.
  • Provide training to 3 Youth Associations on knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and youth policies, and other actions.


During project implementation, HPPB will collaborate with:

  • Representatives from Village and Alcalde Councils
  • Civil Society Organizations such as POWA, TIDE, BFLA, GoJoven and YWCA
  • Department of Youth Services
  • Department of Human Development 
  • Public schools from the Ministry of Education
  • Youth Organizations

Time Frame

Start: July 2019

End: June 2021

Duration: 24 months


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