In Belize, one third of the population (126.000 people) lives below the poverty line.

In a nutshell, our projects aim to:

  • Mobilize children, youth and adults to be active in the economic, social and environmental spheres of their communities. 
  • Improve family health, education and economy.
  • Reduce the vulnerability of small-scale farmers and communities to adverse impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

To date, HPP Belize has worked directly with 5.500 families, 
approximately 25.000 people.


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Enhanced livelihoods for women groups 

in rural communities of southern Belize

Strengthen Emergency and Disaster Response

in vulnerable communities by building capacities and improving collaboration and service delivery in southern Belize



Improved Community Sanitation, Hygiene and Residue Disposal

 in Santa Rosa and San Roman, Belize


Girls’ and Mothers’ Clubs

Nutrition and Health