Project: Enhanced livelihoods for women groups

in rural communities of southern Belize

Project Status: Finished in 2019

Project Overview

The project helped improve the health, income and overall well-being of 92 women and their families (396 people) in 3 communities in southern Belize:

  • Stann Creek district  - Red Bank and Cowpen
  • Toledo district - San Isidro 

92 people were benefited directly from the project and 32,938 indirectly.

Highlights and Updates


Increase women’s knowledge and capacity to: 

  • Understand human development and reproductive health
  • Produce food
  • Cook more nutritious meals
  • Run income generating initiatives

Key activities and deliverables

To increase food security:

  • Each women group (6 groups in total) collectively built and managed a chicken coop and constructed a firewood saving stove. 
  • Each group member set up / expanded their homegarden (48 in total) with fruit and Moringa trees as well as with several varieties of vegetables. 

To strengthen health and financial stability,  direct beneficiaries participated in:

  • 10 lessons per group with focus in nutrition, food security, hygiene & health.
  • 5 cooking demonstrations per group with nutritional ingredients produced by the project and available at the local market.
  • 9 entrepreneurship workshops on financial literacy, business plan creation and income diversification. 32 people external to the project were invited to attend these workshops.

To raise awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship, food security and the project progress:

  • Education materials reached 32,542 people via social media.


During project implementation, HPPB collaborated with:

  • Representatives from Village and Alcalde Councils, Toledo Teachers Credit Union Ltd. 
  • Extension officers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Human Development and the Ministry of Health.
  • Personnel from public schools from the Ministry of Education.
  • Among others.

Time Frame

Start: April 2019

End: October 2019

Duration: 7 months

The project was funded by

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