Project: Improving access for rural community members to proper sanitation facilities

in Red Bank, Stann Creek District, Belize

Project Status: Finished in 2019

Project Overview

The project improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Red Bank village by:

  • Improving the access to adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities in seven households and the village's community center, primary school and health center.
  • Implementing education activities.

The project reached 500 direct and 37,183 indirect beneficiaries.

Key activities and deliverables

To improve sanitation infrastructure:  

  • Eight dry-double-vault composting toilets with hand-washing stations were be built (seven in the house of women group members and one at the community center).
  • One flush toilet at the health post and the pit latrine at the primary school were repaired by the project. 

To increase knowledge on adequate sanitation practices:

  • Toilet owners and other community members actively participated in the construction/repair of the toilet facilities and attended training sessions about their construction/repair, use and maintenance.
  • 37,183 indirect beneficiaries were reached with a post in  social media with information about the project and the type of toilets built.

To increase knowledge on WASH:

  • 500 direct beneficiaries - via training sessions and one community event - learnt about: adequate sanitation practices; local and affordable solutions to improved sanitation; the relationship between water, sanitation, hygiene and health. 


Teaching materials were created by the project and are available for use: 

(Click on each poster to download)



During project implementation, HPPBZ collaborated with:

  • Village Council
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education (schools in the area)

Time Frame

Start Date: March 2019

Finish Date: November 2019

Duration: 8 months

This project co-funded by

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