Project: Building resilience

through local actions, capacity-building and community engagement / BRACE Project



The project will build the capacity of 120 people in Southern Belize to adopt and support improved health and sanitation practices through enhanced knowledge, skills, and inputs.

The eight participating villages are located in the Toledo District and are Santa Rosa, San Roman, Georgetown, Red Bank, San Juan, Cowpen, Trio and San Isidro villages.

Key activities and deliverables

Project beneficiaries will increase their knowledge about health and sanitation

 via education sessions and the creation of a Community-Support Group in each community. 

Project beneficiaries will expand / enhance health and sanitation infrastructure 

to enhance their resilience and preparedness to face critical issues that affect them.  Based on individual needs, they will learn to build and maintain small-scale infrastructure improvements at their houses. Including but not limited to handwashing facilities, firewood saving stoves, latrines, family garbage collection systems, and water collection systems.

Reach the general population with messaging about common diseases, malnutrition, reproductive health, and hygiene 

via community actions, community artistic engagements, and HPPBZ’s social media platforms.


During project implementation, HPPBZ will seek to collaborate with representatives from:

  • Ministry of Health and Wellness
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology
  • Village and alcalde councils 
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Local organizations
  • Youth groups
  • Among others

Time Frame

Start: 2021 

End: 2022

Duration:  11 months

This project is supported by