Project: Energy-saving stoves and community outreach

for the reduction of deforestation rates and the improvement of villagers' health

Project Status: Finished in 2021




The project helped reduce deforestation rates and improve family health by increasing people’s capacity to make energy-saving stoves, cook healthier meals and care for the environment.




Participating villages: Bella Vista and Trio in the Toledo District.

Key activities and deliverables

51 families gained access to an energy-saving stove and learned how to build them.

A representative of each household participated in educational sessions centered on cooking healthy meals, healthy habits, and environmental topics. 

Two schools acquired a cooking area with

two energy-saving stoves and cooking set

to strengthen their feeding program.

    70,591 people at the local and national levels were reached via social media

with project-related messaging.


During project implementation, HPPBZ will collaborate with:

  • Personnel from public schools from the Ministry of Education
  • Representatives from Village Councils

Time Frame

Start: March 2021 

End: December 2021

Duration:  9 months

This project is supported by