Project: Energy-saving stoves and community outreach

for the reduction of deforestation rates and the improvement of villagers' health



The project helps reduce deforestation rates and improve family health by increasing people’s capacity to make energy-saving stoves, cook healthier meals and care for the environment.

Participating villages: Bella Vista and Trio in the Toledo District.

Key activities and deliverables

45 families will gain access and learn to build

45 energy-saving stoves,

and a representative of each household will participate training sessions centered on health and environmental topics. 

Two schools create a cooking area with

two energy-saving stoves

to start their feeding program.

Reach 140,000  people at the local and national level with health and environmental messaging .


During project implementation, HPPBZ will collaborate with:

  • Personnel from public schools from the Ministry of Education
  • Representatives from Village Councils

Time Frame

Start: March 2021 

End: December 2021

Duration:  9 months

This project is supported by