Project: Clean, affordable energy for all

Advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Southern Belize

Project Status: Finished in 2021


The project helped reduce inequalities and support rural development by providing 110 low-income families with: 

  • Access to clean and affordable solar-powered energy via the delivery of Mobile Solar-Powered Supply Units.
  • Complementary education about the  operation and care of the units provided.
  • An overview of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

The project was implemented in 3 villages:

Aguacate, Santa Theresa and Jordan

Key activities and deliverables

 110 households gained access to a small Mobile Solar-Powered Supply Unit.

A representative of each household participated in a training session centered on the SDGs, solar power, and the units' installation, usage, and maintenance.

The participating families did community actions to protect their surrounding ecosystems

by placing awareness signs and planting fruit trees.

More than 70,000 people were reached on social media with project-related messages.


During project implementation, HPPBZ collaborated with:

  • Representatives from Village Councils

Time Frame

Start: March 2021 

End: November 2021

Duration:  8 months

This project was supported by