Full Circle Belize (FCB) is a locally-based and youth-driven business project that will:

·       Collect and transform plastic waste into beautiful and customized marble-like everyday products (such as furniture, tiles, food bowls, and flowerpots).

·      Educate about environmental responsibility at the local and national levels.

·      Train youths, ages 18 to 35, to implement the ongoing work of the project while developing their entrepreneurial and advocacy skills.



FCB will offer recycling services in the Placencia Peninsula and its surrounding villages to collect plastic and partake in clean-up rallies. Products will be sold in stores and online nationwide. 100% of the project's surplus will be invested in growth plans and in community development actions.

FCB builds on Precious Plastic, an European youth-driven movement that centers on creating open-sourced knowledge and technologies for the collection and transformation of plastic waste since 2012. Over the years, more than 80,000 people have replicated Precious Plastic's machines, products, and operations worldwide. 


Progress updates and other relevant information are uploaded directly to the project's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Phase 1



FCB is a multi-phased, multi-partner and multi-year project. 


Project activities started in May 2020 upon entering and winning the social innovation challenge, Change Dah Story. With the award, FCB commenced the Incubation Phase in January 2021 and will receive seed capital to cover part of its investment costs in May 2021. Change Dah Story is implemented by the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility, composed by:

Phase 2 

We are ready and eager to start recycling services and manufacturing operations! 


To do so, we are working hard to find additional resources through partnerships, grants, awards, and donations.


Do you want support to this cause?  You can give your plastic containers  and buy our products we start operations and, you can donate to help us get started via GivingWay (https://www.givingway.com/campaign/e9bdcd) or directly to our account in Belize Bank. 

Growth plan

In the mid to long-term, we dream to:

  • Expand plastic collection services and manufacturing to other districts, hiring 5 to 15 youths per workspace.
  • Offer technical assistance to replicate our business model and community approach to other entrepreneurs, groups, and governments in the region.
  • Diversify and manufacture with other recyclable materials, such as fabrics, cans, and glass.


HPPBZ will seek to collaborate with the following groups, offices and organizations during various project activities:

  • Civil society organizations
  • Government offices
  • Local Businesses
  • Plastic recyclers
  • Schools
  • Village Councils
  • Universities
  • Among others

Contact information


(+501) 615 70 41