Project: Increase farmers’ capacity to reduce the effects of climate change

 on crops in Toledo District 

Project Overview

Through training and technical assistance, 120 farmers will learn improved agricultural methods related to climate change adaptation.  Awareness-raising sessions of the project will be open to the public and will reach 500 community members. 


The project will take place in 7 communities: Bella Vista, Trio, Indian Creek, Corazon, Blue Creek, Jordan, and Santa Teresa 

It's expected that 620 people will benefit directly from the project.

Highlights and Updates


  • Increase the resilience of Belizean farmers to climate change. 
  • Increase farmers’ capacity to reduce the effects of climate change on crops in Toledo District. 

Key activities and deliverables

To provide products, services and tools responsive to the needs of the members the project will:

  • Offer ideas for low-cost solutions, introduce low technological farming methods and provide financial support systems to alter the process of economic development.
  • Facilitate training sessions on small business management to teach farmers to be efficient in food production, to create surplus and to sell the produce;

  • Improve access to productive resources and services and create economic opportunities for small farmers, women and young farmers, and indigenous people, particularly in poor, marginal areas.
  • Contribute to productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of the national agriculture to create substantial improvement in the quality of life of the rural poor and the well-being of the citizens in general.
  • Promote market and trade expansion locally and nationally and diversification of local agriculture.
  • Promote value-adding as a means of expanding opportunities and increasing the income of the rural sector.

To enhance capacity for disaster risk management and climate change adaptation the project will:

  • Facilitate training sessions on climate change adaptation and on environmental management.
  • Organize small farmers to join forces and resources together, to further the agricultural production of each farmer to enable them improve their living standard.
  • Improve the overall living conditions of the farmer families within nutrition, health, disease prevention and sanitation.

  • Support the establishment and development of organic agriculture.
  • Improve and conserve the natural and productive resource base to ensure long-term sustainable productivity and viability. 


During project implementation, HPPB will collaborate with:

  • Representatives from Alcalde and Village Councils
  • Belize Meteorological Department
  • Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), 
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports,  
  • National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)

Time Frame

Start: April 2019

End: September 2020

Duration: 18 months

This project co-funded by

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