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Phase 3

Addressing plastic waste and COVID-19 in Belmopan and surroundings

Phase's purpose

To reduce plastic waste in residential and natural areas of Belmopan and its surroundings, while enhancing knowledge and awareness about environmental sustainability and COVID-19 prevention and increasing local production and employment.

Key activities

  • Set up plastic collection agreements with local stakeholders to help reduce the amount of trash currently present on roads and beaches, improving ecosystem health and touristic appeal.

  • Do door-to-door visits and clean-up rallies to increase the general public's awareness and knowledge about plastic and the environment.

  • Further develop the project's workspace to store, transform and sell the recycled plastics.

Participating communities

Belmopan, Armenia, Camalote, Cotton Tree, Ontario, Roaring Creek, Teakettle, and Unitedville (8)


March 2022 to December 2023

Supported by

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